CreditRaptor- Instant credit reports from top credit bureaus.

Credit Raptor is a salesforce app which can be integrated with top credit bureaus like Equifax, Experian, Lexisnexis to import credit reports.
Credit Raptor imports credit score and relevant data right into Salesforce to help you make important decisions on the fly.

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CreditRaptor Features

Import credit reports

Import from Credit Bureaus for any salesforce record with a single click.


Group records by credit score range, fraud and freeze alerts, data mismatch alert

Use existing credentials

Connect with your existing credit bureau credentials.

Why CreditRaptor ?

Mitigate risks

Reduce business risk with data from top credit bureaus

Save Costs

Avoid time and money spent on manual entry, remove human errors, automate decision-making

Free setup

The app can be installed and set up in 15 minutes. Free setup support provided.


How OpsRaptor products can help you based on your industry

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How it works ?

Integrate CreditRaptor with Salesforce in 3 easy steps to fetch credit report.


You can configure your existing credit bureau with CreditRaptor in 5 minutes. Enter the configuration details shared by your credit bureaus in the configuration tab. Check out this demo.

Map fields to be sent to credit bureau

The salesforce attributes that need to be sent to credit bureaus are mapped in the required mapping tab.
Check out this demo

Fetch credit Reports

Click on the run credit report button for the records you want to fetch the credit score. A quick view of the credit score is visible for the record in a card and a detailed view of the credit report is available in-the details page.

Frequently asked questions


Do I need an account with Credit bureaus?

Yes you need to have an account with the credit bureaus to connect the API's and fetch records.

I dont have an account with Credit bureaus.

Dont worry if you dont have an account, we can set up one for you.

Do you provide a free trial?

You can install the app for free in Sandbox mode. If you still need a free trial to evaluate please contact

What countries do you support?

Currently we support for United States only.

Can we automate decision making based on credit score.

Yes, you can automated the decisions making process

What are the credit bureau API versions you support

We currently support Equifax Acro50 and others

Make it Simple.

Make it Great.

Make it Simple.

Make it Great

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